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NB100! is a grant program offered by the New Bedford Economic Development Council (NBEDC) to promote entrepreneurship, grow local wealth, and strengthen community bonds. In this effort, we wish to achieve an outcome where we serve a total of one hundred entrepreneurs. Through NB100!, participants will have an opportunity to apply for a kick-starter grant of up to $10,000. This grant will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. 

We hope to create long-term successes that will have positive impacts on New Bedford neighborhoods. We understand that socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs have historically been disproportionately disenfranchised, especially throughout the pandemic; therefore, there will be a special emphasis on reaching women, minority, and veteran clients.

This comprehensive technical support program will be delivered through New Bedford SourceLink, a supportive online platform that connects maritime, arts and culture, and main street entrepreneurs to a network of local, regional, and national resources.

To be eligible, entrepreneurs must:

  • Be a for-profit entity
  • Be based within New Bedford
  • Be in business for no more than 24 months

Only complete submissions utilizing the NBEDC business plan narrative and financial worksheets will be considered. Templates of both can be found here (Business Narrative & Financial Worksheets). For help and instructions for completing these templates, please watch our informative tutorial video found here. 

All questions are required unless otherwise stated. Submittable will automatically save as you proceed through the application, so you can take breaks if you wish. If you need additional support, please contact mperry@nbedc.org.


NB100! es un programa de subvenciones ofrecido por el Consejo de Desarrollo Económico de New Bedford (NBEDC) para promover el espíritu empresarial, aumentar la riqueza local y fortalecer los lazos comunitarios. En este esfuerzo, deseamos lograr un resultado en el que atendamos a un total de cien emprendedores. A través de NB100!, los participantes tendrán la oportunidad de solicitar una subvención inicial de hasta $10,000. Esta subvención se tramitará por orden de llegada.

Esperamos crear éxitos a largo plazo que tengan un impacto positivo en los vecindarios de New Bedford. Entendemos que los empresarios social y económicamente desfavorecidos han sido históricamente privados de sus derechos de manera desproporcionada, especialmente durante la pandemia; Por lo tanto, habrá un énfasis especial en llegar a las mujeres, las minorías y los clientes veteranos.

Este programa integral de apoyo técnico se entregará a través de New Bedford SourceLink, una plataforma en línea de apoyo que conecta a los empresarios marítimos, artísticos y culturales, y de la calle principal con una red de recursos locales, regionales y nacionales. 

Para ser elegibles, los empresarios deben:

  • Ser una entidad con fines de lucro 
  • Tener su sede en New Bedford 
  • Estar en el negocio por no más de 24 meses

Solo se considerarán las presentaciones completas que utilicen la narrativa del plan de negocios de NBEDC y las hojas de trabajo financieras. Las plantillas de ambos se pueden encontrar aquí (Narrativa de negocios y hojas de trabajo financieras). Para obtener ayuda e instrucciones para completar estas plantillas, vea nuestro video tutorial informativo que se encuentra aquí.

Todas las preguntas son obligatorias a menos que se indique lo contrario. Submittable se guardará automáticamente a medida que avance en la solicitud, por lo que puede tomar descansos si lo desea. Si necesita asistencia adicional, póngase en contacto con mperry@nbedc.org.


NBForward! is a new small business assistance program offered by the New Bedford Economic Development Council (NBEDC)

that provides resources for existing businesses to get through the challenges of the next phase of our pandemic recovery while looking toward investing in and preparing for, greater future success.

We will be offering grants of up to $20,000 in conjunction with matching financing and other technical assistance (business planning, resource guidance, best practices, etc.). Grant funds shall be matched with an NBEDC loan with deferred payments for three months. The minimum loan amount is $10,000, and the maximum loan amount is $200,000.

Eligible businesses will include:

  • For-profit businesses that have a physical location and be registered within the City of New Bedford (evidenced by providing business tax return filings) and continue to suffer adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic (must have been in business by January 1, 2020).
  • Businesses that are chains or franchises are not eligible to apply to this program.
  • Businesses including liquor and tobacco stores, pawn shops, adult entertainment establishments, passive real estate investments, or businesses that do not meet all local, state, and federal laws and restrictions are ineligible.

All questions are required unless otherwise stated. Also, Submittable will automatically save as you proceed through the application, so you can take breaks if you wish. If you need additional support, please contact NBForward@nbedc.org.

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